Mercedes-Benz Caribbean: C Sedan

The C-Class Sedan

Never Stop Improving.

Exterior Design

The front end design of the C-Class already conveys a sense of prestige and dynamism at first sight. Precisely cut lines and the modern headlamps give the C-Class a particularly high-quality look, and with the help of various lines the design can be individualized even more than prior to the facelift. Further enhancements showcase the new inside design of the headlamps and the standard fit matte silver-painted louvres in the radiator trim to optimum effect.

Interior Design

The interior design of the C-Class features high-quality materials and the excellent integration of functional elements. A generously curved line, which descends from the bottom edge of the windscreen towards the rear door panels, transforms the dropping line which characterizes the exterior into the interior.


Pioneering drive concepts, lightweight construction, sophisticated aerodynamics, energy-efficient components - in the C-Class, a wide variety of measures help to ensure that fuel consumption and emissions are effectively reduced. With the facelift we are making further improvements and making the C -Class even more attractive.

All-digital instrument display

You can choose which version of the "Classic", "Progressive" and "Sporty" display styles you like. The 31.2 cm (12.3-inch) display delivers a pin-sharp image which is very easy to read in all light conditions.

Wireless charging system for mobile devices

Driving time becomes charging time - with just a simple hand movement your smartphone can be fixed in place in the center console where it is charged wirelessly.